Piñata Violence on Tape

Leave it to network television to turn pain and suffering into reality tv laughs. I recently came across this video from one of those stupid home video shows. It is a montage of piñata related violence with the audience laughing uproariously. I understand the concept of schadenfreude, but is someone getting a bat to the genitals really all that funny? Watch for yourself. I’m sure you’ll laugh, but in the back of your mind, remember that you are witnessing real pain.


14 Responses to “Piñata Violence on Tape”

  1. Bernie Says:

    Where are the videos of Latinos breaking pinatas? Leave the pinantas to Latinos, they are aware of the danger and rules to pinantas, thats why its fun.

  2. ibreakpiñatas Says:

    You can’t be serious. How about you redirect your aggressions towards parents who smoke around their children instead. That is far more harmful than taking a plastic bat to the head or groin.


  3. Dusten Says:

    Really? Pinata violence. I have seen pinatas and been to parties with pinats since I could barely walk and I have never seen any act of violence come from it. They are no more dangerous than playing baseball or riding a bike. Sure some incidents occur and accidents are never a good thing but I am certain there are more dangerous things out in society today we should be focusing on instead of pinatas. And why would anyone say giving a kid a pinata is like giving them a gun? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, The creator of this website is an idiot.

  4. Jon Says:

    I agree with Dusten. I’ve even seen videos of parties with pinatas on America’s Funniest Home Videos! They are for entertainment and if you, your child or family can not understand that then fine. But for the families where this is part of their culture who are you to sterotype? And only an idiot would compare a pinata to a gun. I regret looking at this site. It’s simply ignorant and the creator is obviously and idiot. Lets focus on bigger issues shall we?

  5. Nate Says:

    This has to be the most stupid site i have ever seen. This is the times that I really think about where the lines of the 1st ammendment should be drawn. Your want to become this huge flag holder on this topic could not have been any more childish. So what if someone got hit in the face with a baseball bat because they did not teach thier kids the difference between reality and games. I think that that was the fault on the parents part. Our country is going through so much more then someone getting hit in the groin with a bat and how we should stop it. What about the economy, gas prices, where the one missing sock goes when you do the laundry. I am sorry for the loss of so many brain cells when your pinata incodent happend, mabey if you get hit again, it will knock some sence into you.

  6. maggie Says:

    oh, please be for real. who ever came up with this site .I didn’t know that pinatas would make you violent .did you know what really turns you violent? parents not caring for their children their are so busy watching the soap opera,drinking with there friends ,having parties .not caring for their kids if they ate or not.Not knowing if every thing is okay at school. hitting their kids violently. having preference on one of your kids. instead of treating them equal no matter what the circumstances. letting your kid to do what ever he wants because hes a boy.and when he grows up .and the day you tell him he cant his going to bit you up. without a pinata bat with his owned hands. before you judge the pinata .lets start looking at our selfs and think why is there so many kids in the united state homeless. abandon . Why because they broke the pinata?

  7. Matt Says:

    I don’t think you remember the mountains of groin kicks and laughter on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” via the early nineties on.

    I would however like to thank you for making this site for:
    1) Demonstrating the first amendment as I am
    2) Fulfilling “the internet as literally everything” even a site dedicated to taking down pinatas
    3) Giving me an interesting debate

    Furthermore, it’d be nice if you moved on to something that might actually help stop violence, like promoting education, or not letting your child sleep with a bat.

    Either way, kudos

  8. Arrow Says:

    I love pinatas, my grand children have them all the time, this weekend though was like no other, we weht to my little nietos (grandsons) birthday party and I remember when they use to break pinatas on trees, now they have this cool looking tripod thing, it was cool man, they rented it from some jumper company here in Los Angeles, I went the internet and found it when i did a search for pinata stand they website is http://www.whosdale.com, it was really cool man, check it out…

    oh and as for the gringo, behind this site, get a life, this is a tradition that’s been around for years man, oh for the coconut that plays the easter egg candy hunt “your an idiot”

  9. Sean Says:

    Hmm…how shall I put this so that I don’t seem like I’m insulting you. You are doing a classic strategy to get your point across. You show the video of pinata related violence, yet you don’t show the much greater number of videos that have children hitting parents with bats while playing baseball, or softball, or hitting them with rackets when trying tennis, or with hockey pucks…and the list goes on, even to include just hitting them for fun. If you wish pinatas removed because they are meant for kids to hit with a bat, then you must also have little league baseball removed, unless you truly are the racist you claim not to be (by which I mean that you wish the foreign thing to be removed but not the American one).

  10. Fred Says:

    Piñata Violence on Tape should be changed to Piñata accidents on Tape. The only thing that the kids were being violent towards was the Piñata itself and thats the point. The kids are blind folded theres no intent to hurt another human being. People get hurt because they are standing near/ running towards a blind folded child swinging a bat. Your argument is that noone will get hurt if there wasn’t someone swinging a bat around in the first place, but you could say that about anything. A kid gets a ball in the face at a soccer game , noone would get hurt if the kid kicking the ball wasn’t kicking it in the first place.

    Also can you post links to your so called statistics ? beacuse I’m pretty sure theres way way way more Piñata parties then there are terroist attacks. And Im pretty sure most people in prieson where children at some point and have attend a party featuring Piñatas.

  11. Kurt B. Says:

    does anybody else notice that there where videos where they used “treasure balls”?

  12. Harry Johnson Says:

    hahahaha oh my gosh you must be ridiculous, this is not delibrate violence as youre making it out to be, the bumps go away within a day or so. GET OVER iT!

  13. Gus Says:

    Shall we also discourage candles on cakes? They’ve caused countless deaths. How about no more wrapped presents, they could contain drugs. Certainly we should abolish the use of fireworks for major celebrations, aerial flybys at sporting events, or heck, how about no more sporting events at all? People are constantly hurting themselves there.
    Listen, people are dumb. They will always find a way to hurt themselves and, sadly, their kids. It’s no more the fault of the piñata that people get hurt enjoying it than it is the fault of the birthday candle that the house gets burned down.
    You’re an idiot; get over yourself and take just a little responsibility for your own failures as a parent. If your kid tried to bust you open with a bat you’ve got far more to worry about than whether the rest of us will or will not continue to enjoy piñatas.
    For the record, don’t let your kid sleep with the cake knife or gift scissors no matter how much she insists. And when it comes time for your daughter to get her driver’s license please do the rest of us a favor, take a little parental responsibility and explain the difference between a bumper car and a road car… same as you might have avoided a lot of problems by explaining the difference between cardboard and a living being.
    Do yourself a favor and take this ridiculous website down. It’s an embarrassment to humanity.

  14. Stephanie Says:

    I typically do not post on any kind of “board” but I could not resist. This is the most hillarious thing I have ever read!!! 1st of all I love the idea of a piñata containing Booz and condoms and sex toys whoo hoo. What fun for an adult party! To think that getting rid of pinatas will prevent college students from doing drugs, partying or having sex is Asinine!!! I just think they have puns a more creative way to do it. 2nd I am with everyone else, banning pinatas on the 4th of July seems a bit racist not to mention retarded! If i was the employee at Target I would have begged you to take your business to Walmart and laughing hysterically at your ridiculous complaint! In addition why would he be able to fix your problem as a floor manager? Do you think he has say so in what ends up on the shelves? Not to mention his last name sounds hispanic and he was probably horribly offended. And for a “good Christian man” you sure do pass a lot of judgement!!! 3rd kids are going to get hurt pinatas play such a retardedly minimal role in that!!! I understanding being gung ho about a cause but for fucks sake pick good one! It seems the fear you have struck into your family and neighbors regarding pinatas is more detramental, worrisome and unhealthy than pinatas them selves. 4th if I was “mr smith” I would have died laughing at you and have piñata block party’s in spite of you. After reading your disgraceful page I am convinced you need some serious therapy. Tere are some horrible thing going on in the work today and you are wasting our time with your retarded rant that is so not at all legit. Your post is offensive hysterical retarded insane and discraceful. I have to imagine you are horribly embarrassed!!!! Thanks for the laugh pycho I came across your page while shopping for a penis piñata :-D

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