Equal Opportunity Violence Free “Piñata”


Treasure Balls (Hey, I didnt name them...)

Treasure Balls (Hey, I didn't name them...)

A friend just sent me this delightful article on piñata alternatives. I love the creative thinking that went into it. 

The Treasure Ball – “A Non-Violent Parenting” Piñata

This is just one more example of American ingenuity when it comes to addressing issues like social violence. Every time someone sends me a link like this one I know in my soul that I’m doing God’s work by spreading the word about the dangers of piñata related violence.

8 Responses to “Equal Opportunity Violence Free “Piñata””

  1. MarcusCrassus Says:

    Seriously? You really blame the pinata for your 4 year old delinquent smacking you in the face? Really? I get it, let’s blame the PINATA for your complete lack of parenting skills and teaching your child discipline. My kids are just slightly older than yours and they have been taught NOT to hit ANY ONE with ANYTHING. Un-bloody-believable. I’ve never heard such tripe in all my years on this planet.

    This site is, in a nutshell, what is wrong with America. Everyone is a bleeding victim and no one takes responsibility for their own actions. Not to mention not one disciplines their bratty kids anymore. ‘Spanking is child abuse’. Please. Get a grip. And do something more with your life than be a whiny victim of your bad parenting.

  2. T. Smith Says:

    Wow I thought this site was a joke… someone tell me it is…

    I don’t know, looking at pretty much every comment left on all of the posts made on this site, there really isn’t much left for me to say… I guess I’ll just contribute with a generic You-Are-A-Moron.

  3. K. Choals Says:

    I also thought the website was a joke (a good one at that!), and am in a hurry but feel compelled to reply…I agree that your child (who could be marvelous and well loved and disciplined) should have been told that the hitting was for the pinata only, etc.; whatever the cirumstances were, to blame the pinata is silly. I have five beautiful children, we’ve been to many fun parties with Pinata’s and while I’m not crazy about them (the racing for candy and grabbing it all is my concern, but we discuss sharing beforehand) there have been zero repercussions. I must say, it seems off-base in our violent world to spend this much time on the Pinata vs., well, pick one: pornogtraphy, abortion, TV, video games, etc. If you feel called to work towards non-violence, use your talents wisely!

    My real reason for responding: I’m struck by the crudity and lack of common courtesy in the above replies. While Marcus has a line of reasoning I would tend to agree with, his anger makes him look like the nut. The other lacks anything close to an intelligent response… but a pinata didn’t make them do it! :)

  4. maria Says:

    i just want to say that i think you are going to far with trying to ban pinata, i mean really who are you to ban some peoples culture and tradition? i hate that you think that the pinata is to blame for your bad parenting, why on earth would you let your daught sleep with a bat? the problem wasnt that she was hitting a pinata, it was that you as a parent didnt teach her when the game was over by allowing her to sleep with the bat. the only one here to blame is YOU! i think that it is up to the parents if they want to have a pinata or not, and get a little tired of america’s who want to try our traditions and if they dont like them they go and try to ban them. well you know what it is not the governments job to be a parent its yours! oh and one other thing, not all hispanics clean your homes and mow your lawns, i am a college graduate and a very successful loan officer.

  5. maria Says:

    just to let you know, you are not doing gods work! are feeding homeless people? how about spreading the love? no all you are doing is spreading hate to everyone and telling people to abandon traditions because they are stupid enough to let a four year old sleep with a bat! what you to cheap to buy her a doll?

  6. HAHA Says:

    ”This is just one more example of American ingenuity when it comes to addressing issues like social violence.”

    who is the nation that gets rich
    from starting wars?
    who is the nation that
    has the largest drug users?
    gang wars, dangerous school fights, and not to mention
    college and highschool students that have killed other students
    viginia tech anyone?

  7. YoYo Says:

    I don’t think Piñata = Violance, but you have a chance of a kid accidently hitting another kid, even when Adults are supervising. Piñata alternative should be to find another way of being creative and have fun. I have seen some kinds were boared by having same Piñata in every b-day party.

  8. seriously?? Says:

    Yet a crazy AMERICAN killed 12 people last Friday, inspired by an AMERICAN movie…. Dylan and Eric (two more crazy AMERICANS) killed fellow classmates at columbine inspired by AMRICAN video game. You are seriously one ignorant BITCH- I’m glad you got smack with the bat by your 4 year old!

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