Candy Run


A reader of this fine site posted the other day an excellent alternative for Piñatas. Here is her suggestion…

A candy run

A candy run

I too have found that pinatas are just a problem waiting to happen. I am hispanic, and have never really understood the importance of having them at parties. Last year I made a move to do something different. I created a “Candy Run” for the kids to a) eliminate a child with a weapon b) eliminate the trampling of small children by the bigger ones c) prevent the tears from the kids that don’t get anything d) create a friendlier experience. I spread candies, toys, prizes over a giant grass area in the park, roped it off, and when it was time, I had all the kids circle the area (80+ kids) and make a run for it. The idea is the same with Easter egg hunts. It was a success, and now my family members all do the same thing at their parties. I hate pinatas.  

2 Responses to “Candy Run”

  1. Una Says:

    what a great idea! i hate pinatas, too! too violent! thanks!

  2. Don of Down With Candy Runs Says:

    My grandfather was trampled to death during a “candy run” you pig.

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