College Sex and Drug Piñata Parties

My next door neighbor Pam has a daughter attending a local university here in Northern California. I have known this neighbor for years, although we are not close. After the piñata incident she brought over a green bean casserole and was very nice to us though. 



I had not really seen Pam much since the block party a few months ago, but she came to our house yesterday very upset. The university had sent a letter home to parents warning them about a new “piñata party craze” that is sweeping campus nation wide this fall. 

According to this letter, college students are filling pinatas with joints, acid tabs, condoms and sex toys. These young adults, who should be studying, get drunk, bash the “goodies” out of the piñata, and then have sex and drug filled all night parties. 


Sex Toys

Sex Toys

The letter goes on to say that the university where Pam’s daughter is attending has had to break up several of these sex and drug parties in the dormitory where her daughter is staying. This school mandates freshman to live on campus. I think it goes without saying that Pam is very concerned about this activity.


Whether or not you agree with my position on banning piñatas, I hope you will agree that this is a very disturbing development. If you have children in collage, please speak with them about the dangers of sex and drug piñata parties.

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  1. alvaro Says:

    check out my band PInATA PROTEST

    You should also contact us at [email protected]
    I’d like to challenge your ideas on piNatas.

  2. pinataluver Says:

    Holy shit, where do I enroll in this college. Free drugs and a sex party, viva pinatas!!!!

    Is this site real? Is someone actually paying to publicize this site?

  3. genius Says:

    Wow–so glad I came here through Google. This is completely ridiculous and is probably the stuff of urban legend, and I never was a huge pinata fan…but I might soon be, as this is an amazing idea. Thanks for publicizing it!

  4. Menschenjaeger Says:

    Why didn’t I ever hear about these sex and drug pinata parties in college?!

  5. Sean Says:

    I must say, this is not a very good point to put on a site that is trying to get rid of something, since the same point could be made to get rid of bowls.
    This is exactly the same as other parties where people simply put drugs, both prescription and not, into a bowl and pick them out at random. The only difference is that these students actually have some creativity in the design of their party.

  6. Tyler Says:

    Dont forget, in addition to the drugs and sex toys, you should also include:
    Airplane size bottles of liquor (plastic) – a MUST!
    Lottery Tickets
    Lottery Tickets (novelty sex type)
    Lighters (for the joints and fireworks)
    Personal Lubricants
    Wierd food stuffs

  7. bob ross Says:

    this site has to be a joke a person this against pinatas would have deleted some of the less appropriat comments (personaly i think they are funny as hell im just sayin if your anti something you would want to keep you site looking like people agree with you)

  8. Spoon Says:

    Lol, she can’t even spell “college” right. Because she obviously never attended one. What a wonderful site.

  9. Mike Says:

    You are retarded!

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  11. Watson Says:

    hahaha, i remember going to a party in high school, and when we couldn’t get the piñata open by beating it with a stick. i tore it down and stabbed it to death.

  12. Christine Says:

    can someone please point me in the direction of one of these “sex & drug pinata parties”? HAHAHAHA

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