Dave Barry Agrees

Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry knows true evil, and its name is Piñata.

A reader recently forwarded me this link to a classic Dave Barry column on the perils of piñatas that pre-dates my own fateful encounter with a piñata party. Dave goes on to list numerous occasions when he was witness to brutal violence at the hands of children as a direct result of piñata related violence.

We’re not alone out there people.

19 Responses to “Dave Barry Agrees”

  1. A-Roc Says:

    Dave Barry is a faggot just like you. I hope you get hit in the face with a bat again.

  2. Smarter than you Says:

    If your child was stupid enough to hit you in the face because she got candy from a piñata, then I’m afraid your child is retarded, or you’re a terrible parent.

  3. Tim Says:

    You do realise that Dave Barry’s written exactly one serious article in his entire career, right? He’s a humour columnist. He’s paid to say stupid, ridiculous shit, like that pinatas are a threat that needs to be dealt with.

  4. isaac Says:

    wow i cannot beleive how ridiculous this is, you know your in the list “3 websites made by crazy people” list? Your site is obviously some sort of delusion, you are a rascist, a fraud, and you got an entire town angry at a new resident because he had a pinata? do you really think pinatas are a significant danger compared to other threats? like global warming? war? drugs cartel fights? you are a psycho

  5. George Says:

    I was wondering if you could provide an external link to the studies you often cite in your blog. I am interested in viewing these reports. Thanks!

  6. This must be a joke Says:

    If this site is true, the true tragedy is your overreaction, Ron.

  7. Jonas Says:

    Dave Barry writes satirical articles. That makes his article acceptable and funny. Why? Because it’s JOKING…

  8. Abby Says:

    Seriously, get a life. Dave Barry is a COMEDIAN. Whoever your friend is that made this site “for you to tell your story” is probably laughing as hard as anyone else who views it. Enjoy having nothing bigger to obsess over in your life than the incredible dangers of common party activity that you failed to properly explain to your child.

  9. Bernard Says:

    Abby you have serious issues playing internet police. You clearly are just here trying to cause problems on a website about pinatas and frankly, its pathetic and it disgusts me. clearly you have had so much dick in your face that it has caused damage to your brain.

  10. Abby Says:

    Bernard, I know that you are the man who did indecent things with the pinata. It is ok. They tell me the therapy is working well for you. I hope that one day your extremities all are functional again.

  11. Bernard Says:

    Abby i must thank you, until now I did not have proof that uncontrollably bitchiness was a physiological disorder that I had been trying to prove. While it grieves me to see how it has become so ingrained and irreversible in you, you may rest assured, finding out about your condition may help people who have a less progressed form of the disease. i shall publish my findings and we shall refer to it fondly as “Abby’s ailment” from now on.

  12. Don of Down With Dave Barry Articles Says:

    I AM OUTRAGED that you are spreading this sort of filth on the interwebs! Parading behind a mask of children’s safety, while in reality you spread the words of mindless satanic heathens like DAVE BARRY!!! Everything he stands for threatens children’s privates, and now you are a part of the problem. Congratulations. I hope you’re proud of yourself everyday when you hide behind your mask of children’s privates.

  13. HAHA Says:

    get your own costums :A

  14. contemplationist Says:


    I think this site is just satire.

  15. tarilyn Says:

    ohhh, this site is so funny. i often come back to it when i want to laugh. ;D
    parenting fail.

  16. The Well-Versed Mom Says:

    I’m thinking of starting a movement to request that Stephen Colbert add pinatas to his list of threats to our country’s security (on his “Threatdown” feature on his show).

    In the meantime, here’s a poem about the dangers pinatas pose….


  17. Babe Ruth Says:

    While you’re at it, you should get rid of baseball, softball, hockey, golf and any other sport that involves hitting a ball with a stick. And I suppose archery, fishing, football, soccer, badminton and table tennis should go, too, given their enormous potential for violence…

    And yes, Dave Barry was making fun of people like you. Learn to control your kid, and put the bat somewhere he can’t get it (or start sleeping with a hockey mask on — your choice).

  18. MMM Says:

    I really hope that you go get therapy.

  19. PRHS High-school student Says:

    People come one, this story ISN’T about pinata’s….Dave Barry is using satire, exaggeration, caricature, incongruity, parody, and reversal in this story to make his HIDDEN subject more obvious. Hes comparing the kids hitting the pinatas as america ( more specifically the abnormally big kid), this helps show that we are greedy because we always want more, even if we don’t need it and have better things, and how we are always unintertained. The clown is being compared to Bush…our past president..( hint hint she had been clowning professionally for 20 yrs, which is a long time, baybe too long”), and the pinata to the country we are attacking right now (“not realizing taht children would soon be beating him with a stick”). Dave Barry is an amazing author, and his work is admirable, it just requires to be analized to be fully understood. So if you keep those few facts in mind and read it over again you’d find out that this piece of literature holds a very political outlook.

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