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Candy Run

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008


A reader of this fine site posted the other day an excellent alternative for Piñatas. Here is her suggestion…

A candy run

A candy run

I too have found that pinatas are just a problem waiting to happen. I am hispanic, and have never really understood the importance of having them at parties. Last year I made a move to do something different. I created a “Candy Run” for the kids to a) eliminate a child with a weapon b) eliminate the trampling of small children by the bigger ones c) prevent the tears from the kids that don’t get anything d) create a friendlier experience. I spread candies, toys, prizes over a giant grass area in the park, roped it off, and when it was time, I had all the kids circle the area (80+ kids) and make a run for it. The idea is the same with Easter egg hunts. It was a success, and now my family members all do the same thing at their parties. I hate pinatas.  

Equal Opportunity Violence Free “Piñata”

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008


Treasure Balls (Hey, I didnt name them...)

Treasure Balls (Hey, I didn't name them...)

A friend just sent me this delightful article on piñata alternatives. I love the creative thinking that went into it. 

The Treasure Ball – “A Non-Violent Parenting” Piñata

This is just one more example of American ingenuity when it comes to addressing issues like social violence. Every time someone sends me a link like this one I know in my soul that I’m doing God’s work by spreading the word about the dangers of piñata related violence.

Digging in the Sand

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

I don’t want people to think that just because I think pinatas are evil that I don’t want kids to have fun. So I look for non-violent alternatives to pinatas to suggest. Here’s one I quite like. Burying goodies in a sandbox and having the kids dig for “gold.” I love it. No bashing of animal effigies and no follow up bashing of parents. 

Read more here

Make your own Pinata!

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Instead of buying and bashing in a pinata you buy from a local tienda, why don’t you and your kids have a pinata making party? Paper mache is a great kids activity, each kid can have a pinata of their own to take home and be proud of, and the candy kids usually get by destroying a pinata can be given out as prizes for making the pinatas. Think of fun categories like “most colorful” or “craziest animal!”

Click here for a great website with instructions on how to make your own pinatas in paper mache.